About us

About us

Malm Orstad – in brief

The main work of Malm Orstad is engineering and fabrication. We offer our customers a complete package solution to facilitate projects and give them "a single point of contact". This ensures that all projects, no matter how complex, remain as simple as possible to handle. We assume responsibility for the challenge and the project from request to delivery.

We have designed our production in accordance with the principle "everything under one roof", in order to meet our customers´ needs for quick and easy solutions to the most advanced products. Malm Orstad constantly seeks solutions that provide our customers secure deliveries and operations, and help them achieve competitive advantage through our contribution. The fact that we are a "one stop shop", a supplier of the whole process from development to finished product through machining, welding and testing, makes us a suitable partner for our customer.

Our strength lies in our broad expertise and experience with professionals in-house, as well as state of the art facilities and equipment. All our employees are skilled workers with one or more certificates, ensuring the competence and quality our customers expect. We thereby contribute with creative, thoroughly considered solutions in several fields and enable complete deliveries of larger and smaller systems.

Malm Orstad has extensive experience in developing innovative components that withstand harsh environments. We claim to be experts in turning a brilliant idea into a premium product.