New owner of Malm Orstad AS will further develop the company

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Imenco AS has purchased Malm Orstad AS. The new owner has ambitious development plans for Malm Orstad AS and through the Imenco group's industrial capacity and expertise, the company provides a solid platform for further growth.

Malm Orstad is located at Voll in Klepp Municipality and today mainly produces advanced mechanical and hydraulic products for the oil and gas industry. In recent years, the company has also worked to position itself in other markets such as the aquaculture industry at sea and the defense industry. The Imenco Group has a business office and workshop facilities near Haugesund. They supply equipment and underwater solutions to, among others, the oil and gas industry nationally and internationally, to the aquaculture industry and to offshore renewable energy.

Owner and CEO of the Imenco Group, Geir Egil Østebøvik, emphasizes that the company has an ambitious industrial development strategy for Malm Orstad AS:

“Malm Orstad will become an integral part of the Imenco Group. The business is optimized and further developed, while at the same time we want to give the company a larger toolbox and broader expertise in various product areas. We also consider other market areas and Voll in Klepp municipality is a favorable location in relation to the oil gas, maritime industry and the aquaculture industry”, says Geir Egil Østebøvik, owner and CEO of the Imenco group.

Managing Director of Malm Orstad is Lauritz Haringstad Løvø:

“Me and my staff welcome the new owner and we look forward to a good future with the new owner. Together we will develop the company and create value for the owner, employees and the community”, says CEO Lauritz Haringstad Løvø of Malm Orstad AS.

Further information:
  • Imenco: owner and CEO Geir Egil Østebøvik, tel. 913 02 151
  • Malm Orstad: Chairman of the Board Geir Egil Østebøvik, tel. 913 02 151
  • Malm Orstad: CEO Lauritz Løvø, tel. 909 992 53

Facts about the companies:

Malm Orstad AS:
  • Founded in 1946 under the name Malm Orstad AS.
  • Technology company, which designs, manufactures and assembles and tests advanced machined products, as well as hydraulic products
  • Malm Orstad AS has some customers globally, but most are in Norway.
  • The company currently has 100 employees with a turnover of around NOK 150 million.

Imenco Group:
  • Headquartered in Aksdal, Rogaland.
  • Imenco mainly supplies equipment for the offshore industry, renewable energy and aquaculture industry.
  • Imenco was established in 1979.
  • Imenco supplies equipment and technology for offshore oil and gas, aquaculture, offshore wind, the maritime industry and the defense sector.
  • Imenco's main products are equipment and solutions within
    • Corrosion Protection
    • Camera technology and imaging, primarily for underwater use
    • Underwater material handling
    • Underwater communication, positioning and navigation
    • Helicopter fuelling systems
    • Hydraulics (engines, cylinders and systems)
  • The group has a total of 200 employees in Norway, the UK, the USA, China and Singapore