Great activity on Wire Tension System

Based on our core competence - hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic systems - Malm Orstad has gained years of knowledge developing wire tensioning systems.

In order to compete on price and quality, it has also been invested heavily in machinery and equipment for the production of these systems. It is therefore gratifying that this is noticed by our customers and has resulted in projects running continuously on these products, both as overhaul and new production.

Read more about our tensioning systems:
wire-tension-system-stand-alone-1Wire Tension System marine-riser-tension-system-1Marine Riser Tension System guide-line-tensioner-16k-40ftGuide Line Tensioner 16k 40 ft

Currently we have ongoing project for about 30MNOK:Design and Production 3 Units Dual Marine Riser Tension
  • Design and production 1pc Dual Wire Tensioning System for Mux
  • Production 1pc Guide Line Tensioner 16K 40ft
  • Overhaul 5 pcs Marine Riser Tension
  • Rebuild 2 pcs Guide Line Tensioner

The missions are performed for known rig companies in Norway.