New measuring machines

Investing in precision

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An investment of five million for new measuring machines makes Malm Orstad further improve the accuracy of their control measurements.

– The documentation requirements in the business are constantly at an increase. To keep up with the development it is necessary to purchase new measuring machines, says Production Manager Morten Orstad.

Malmen meets him in the first floor office, adjacent to the production hall. He is up to speed with a lot happening. Still, Production Manager Orstad has room for more.
– The pace is high, but we can achieve more. Indications are it is right around the corner, he says as we round the corner and enter the production hall to take a closer look at the present measuring machine. It sits in a separate room in the production hall. The new machines will also be located here. The smallest will be delivered this summer, whilst the largest, six meters tall, will arrive in the autumn. This will open new opportunities for Malm Orstad.
– With the large measuring machine we can measure larger parts than today. The machine is so tall that we actually have to adjust the ceiling somewhat, informs Orstad.
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With the two new measuring machines, the Voll located company not only increases the capacity but also the level of precision. Orstad and his colleagues can with the new machines measure any product part they insert into the machine more exact. They will also be able to go further into the products, 800 millimetre to be exact. This is strength, explains Morten Orstad.
In addition to increase in precision and capacity, the new Malm Orstad equipment will also contribute with regards efficiency.
– For some of the products we produce we have to carry out several measurements in several operations. With new equipment we can carry out most measurements in one and the same operation. That is a major advantage, says Orstad.

Morten Orstad estimates that around 20 percent of the products produced in the production hall at Malm Orstad, go through the measurement machines. With new equipment, this number can easily be higher.
– The investment will regardless be large compared to the economy derived from it. That said; there is no alternative. The petroleum industry is constantly under new documentation requirements. This we must take into account, and this autumn we are on top of the issues.