Power Slips Lifter

This tool lifts drill-collar slips in and out of the rotary table. The Power Slips Lifter is pneumatic and is operated remotely by use of a pedal or operation valve, which is placed in the driller’s cabin or a safe place on the drilling floor.

Malm Orstad started to fabricate the Power Slips Lifter 20 years ago and has continuously optimized the design, based on feedback from the operators and new regulations. Due to this we are currently providing one of the most robust pneumatic slips lifter on the market to several drilling companies worldwide.

Malm Orstad`s Power Slips Lifter lifts drill collar and drill pipe slips in and out from the rotary table. It is pneumatic remotely operated by use of a pedal which is placed in driller`s cabin or any other safe place on the drill floor. The slips lifter can be mechanically locked to the master bushing by use of the locking device.

The Power Slips Lifter can be delivered with a skidding frame which can move the slips lifter 600 mm towards and away from the rotary table.

More information can be given upon request. 

•    The pneumatic cylinder is made with stainless cylinder pipe for improved lifespan.
•    Robust field proven design.
•    Easy installation by the use of the integrated locking devices towards the master bushing.
•    Length:    1094,5 mm.
•    Width:    575 mm.
•    Height:    744,5 mm.
•    Dry weight:    200 kg.
•    Capacity:    Standard Rotary Slips.
•    Operational weight: 200 kg.
•    Locking device towards masterbushing. 
•    Fabricated according to «Maskindirektivet» and certified for lifting according to NORSOK R-003.
•    Skidding frame available upon request.

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