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Water, waves and wind

With over 70 years of experience within hydraulic-mechanical systems, we are able to offer good, safe and innovative solutions to the high demands of the water, wave and wind power industry. We work closely with the customer to find the most optimal solution for any challenge. The Malm Orstad team can offer the following services:
  • Engineering and design of new hydraulic-mechanical systems
  • Controlsystem with remote monitoring
  • Engineering and design of new cylinders (customer-specified)
  • Hydraulic cylinders for regulation
  • Standard hydraulic cylinders
  • Position Transducers
  • Installations on site (construction place)
  • Dampers
  • Hydraulic aggregates oil/water based
  • Piston and bladder accumulator
  • Hydraulic valves, pumps, motors and filters.
  • Project management

  • Engineering services
  • Service, maintenance and repairs of hydraulic-mechanical systems
  • Overhaul and repair of cylinders
  • Modification of existing constructions
  • Control system with remote monitoring
  • Oil and system cleaning
  • Oil analysis and condition control
  • Disassembly, maintenance, installation and commissioning
  • Hydraulic-mechanical work on customer's premises
  • Project management and maintenance management
  • Engineering and Design of Hydraulic Mechanical System

  • Motors and pumps

  • Hydraulic aggregate - oil and water based

  • Service and maintenance

  • Control system


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Idar Vassbø

Chief Sales / Operating Officer (CSO / COO)

+ 47 916 31 511