Modifications, repairs and overhaul

Malm Orstad has wide experience gained from years in the industry, where modifications, repairs and overhauling of both mechanical- and hydraulic equipment has been the main focus.

Our greatest strength in this line of work is the experience and competency of our staff. By applying this background, we can provide creative and thorough solutions in a multi-discipline for complete repairs- and maintenance deliveries of both larger and smaller equipment systems.

By combining our experience with the clients input, we will ensure to provide optimal solutions that can ensure safe operations and extended life span on the equipment.

All work performed will be well documented, and involve a third-party subcontractor such as DNV, where required.
  • Skidding systems
  • Winches
  • Manipulator arms
  • Telescopic guide arms
  • Torque tool
  • Catwalk
  • Mouse hole
  • Gripper claws
  • BOP trolley
  • Mud skip trolley
  • Horizontal pipe racking system
  • Riser spider

Malm Orstad can also offer assistance with dismantling and assembly of equipment at the premises of their clients.