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The worlds fastest Skidding System

An operation which earlier took 30 minutes can now be performed in less than half the time with Malm Orstad’s newly developed skid equipment.

– The challenge from our customer was to develop a more efficient system, but the results proving that it can operate with more than twice the speed was more than no one even dared to hope for.
– The world’s first?
– As far as I know, there are no similar solutions on the global market, says Haakon Wiik, Project Manager for the innovation.


Developments suggest that the customer, Island Offshore, get the Christmas present they have been waiting for.
– We will most likely complete FAT-testing in December, Wiik says. He is both pleased and optimistic.
He also praises the customers willingness to take some risk in the project.
– Projects like this always involve some risk. The margins between success and failure are small.
But Island Offshore has been willing to stake, he says.


Island Offshore’s intervention vessel ”Island Wellserver” is a part of Statoil’s operations in the North Sea, skidding equipment used in well intervention. The initial cause for the project was a requirement notice from Statoil.  Analysis showed that too much time was spent on skid work onboard the vessel.
– As far as we know, no one else can provide a skidding system that operates continuously and thus completes the operation in half the time, Haakon Wiik says.


Mads Hagen og Magne Obrestad started the installation process in August, and they are now in the final phase.
– It has been a demanding job, but we knew it would be. Prototypes are a bigger challenge than other commissions, Magne Obrestad says and looks at his colleague.
 – Improvements, adaptions and adjustments have been made all the time, but these two guys have been incredibly good at staying motivated. Several times I have presented ideas I’ve come up with during the night, says Wiik.
– We have been involved in similar projects many times, and we know that two steps forward and one step back is common in these processes, Obrestad says with a smile. The installers are impressed with the innovation.
– The new skidding system’s speed is two meters per minute. It may not sound like much, but the speed we get from existing systems is only 0,75 meters per minute, says Wiig, and the installers are genuinely surprised.
– Is that so??


After the FAT-test in December the new skidding system will be installed onboard the “Island Wellserver”.
This is a job that both Mads Haugen and Haakon Wiik will attend.
– We are not finished until the equipment is up and running.
– Will you start the next skidding project immediately?
– We naturally hope to produce more skidding systems of this type, Wiik says on a final note.