About us

Our solutions and how we work

Short delivery times, advanced equipment, passionate effort, and skilled professionals provide an excellent platform to offer our customers the best product. Our customers often turn to us when they need close cooperation, timely delivery, high quality and the right price, whether it involves single or series production.
Since the foundation in 1946 we have worked with a variety of clients, and as a result Malm Orstad has experience from a wide range of tasks. This benefits our customers.
Our industry is often exposed to a large, positive workload with high standards of precision and quality. Huge investments, contracts and risks are involved, and the tasks we help to resolve are frequently far away and deep down. We solve assigned tasks with great enthusiasm to create the best result. We may be a relatively small company by international standards, but we have a long and good experience dealing with major challenges.
After initial delivery, it is not assumed that we can have our solutions returned to us to make sure that they work properly. Thus, everything we deal with is meticulously tested before we send the products out of the house. Through close cooperation between the client and our engineers, project managers, operators, welders, document controllers, and the rest of our dedicated support network, we ensure that the result is perfect.
We appreciate the demanding challenges from our customers, and we like to take on what no one has done before. Malm Orstad is thus both a workshop and a laboratory. We have room for thinking aloud, going deep, and trying to find solutions that no one else has discovered. We are a studio for development, machining, fabrication, testing, and documentation of tools to drill deeper, better and more efficiently than ever, and be safer, more efficient, and last longer. It is important to have a competent, innovative group of people who meet challenges full time.
Our solutions provide our customers the ability to access, manage and conduct operations far into the unknown. Accurate fabrication based on well-documented creativity is our expertise, and the employees of Malm Orstad go to work armed with knowledge, curiosity, and precision.