About us

Our history and our philosophy

Throughout our history we have grown from a local industrial environment into a prominent industrial thinker and developer in one of the most innovative energy environments in the world. Over time we have become well known and respected in the industry, due to our ability to solve difficult problems which often take place several thousand feet below sea level, with demanding delivery dues and requirements for close links between innovation and creativity.
Our facilities and our staff are enabled to work in a satisfactory manner throughout the value chain - from engineering to mechanical, hydraulic, documentation, testing, and installation. Through our knowledge and countless special solutions, we have taken on tasks within maintenance and upgrading of equipment both within and outside of the high-tech community at Voll. We regard ourselves as a developer and implementer, and we feel just as home with our clients in both phases.
We are proud to represent the “Jæren entrepreneurial spirit”, and we know what is expected of us when we get involved in exciting and demanding challenges. We know what is at stake and that time is sparse. And we are sure that it works when we have done our part of the job. Malm Orstad simply gets a "job well done".