Through proficient engineering based on creative skills, we find solutions to functional and mechanical challenges for our customers.
In this area we put your creativity to the test and utilize the complete value chain to solve, shape and refine solutions. The engineering assignments are usually led by our skilled project managers in close cooperation with our clients. The fact that we are a "one stop shop", a supplier of the whole process from development to finished product through machining, welding and testing, makes us a suitable partner in new projects. Our engineering department follows the product development throughout the fabrication process to make adjustments and corrections, enabling a minimal waste of time and resources.
We are experts in developing cost-effective solutions for our customers and we are always ready for challenging engineering projects. This kind of innovative thinking and development is one of the issues that makes us highly respected in the offshore industry.

Design and strength calculation

We single-handedly carry out all testing and power calculations of all models according to the relevant standards.

Hydraulic simulation

We develop advanced hydraulic systems for all types of equipment.

Certification and documentation

Malm Orstad certifies and documents all equipment that we develop based on the requirements and standards agreed upon in the projects.

Project management

Malm Orstad readily assumes full responsibility for the complete performance of the projects, in order to ensure optimal project flow and avoid time-consuming intermediaries.


We are committed to quality and excellent results, and therefore invest in the best software to enable full control of our projects.

Our own solutions

Malm Orstad is keen to use our extraordinary engineering expertise to develop our own products.