Testing and Quality Control

All our operators are thoroughly trained in all test procedures. Our test equipment includes:
  • HPU to run the system, flushing and pressure testing up to 1200 bar. We have HPU for most liquid types in use
  • Electronic logging equipment for flow, pressure and temperature
  • Particle testing
  • Test-unit for test of NA-Class
  • Unit for testing water content (ppm) and removal of water - PURI Finder
  • Pool for pressure testing and water testing (7 x 5 x 5 meters)
  • Five test cells for pressure testing
  • Miscellaneous API thread gauges
We also have various types of measuring machines to control and further enhance the quality of projects:
  • Zeiss Accura II 20/42/15 (2000mm x y4200mm z1500mm)
  • Zeiss Accura II 12/24/10 (1200mm x y2400mm z1000mm)
  • Sigma 2000 Model 2025 portable measuring arm
Our facilities include a pressure test pool of 7 x 5 x 5 meters. This is used for water testing of subsea equipment and pressure testing of large equipment, and equipment to be gas tested. There are strict requirements regarding design and manufacturing of pressure vessels and this pool along with our expertise enable Malm Orstad as one of a few companies in Norway to take on special assignments utilizing high pressure-exposed components.