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4C Solutions AS (4CS) have been awarded a contract of significant value from China Offshore Oil Engineering (COOEC). 4CS will deliver a complete contingency repair system to cover pipelines in the South China Sea.

The contract includes design, fabrication, testing and delivery of a system that can be used to repair pipelines between 6” and 30” in diameter. The system will be able to be used to water depths of 2000m.  
In addition, 4CS will be responsible for training of COOEC personnel and for leading the offshore testing in China.  
Work on the project has already begun and delivery is planned to take place in China in Autumn 2018.
‘We are very pleased to have won this contract’ says David Cooke, Managing Director in 4C Solutions. ‘We will be taking all of our previous experience from our involvement with other comparable systems for contingency pipeline repair. We are really looking forward to our cooperation with COOEC on this project.
‘Key personnel in 4CS have worked with development and delivery of systems like these for 30 years, and this contract is important for us to strengthen our position as a global EPC supplier in the market for subsea repairs, structures, tie-ins and other subsea tooling.  
About 4C Solutions AS
4C Solutions AS (4CS) is an EPC supplier of innovative subsea tooling, pipeline connection and repair systems and components; subsea structures (e.g. PLEMs, PLETs, SSIVs, Tees, Pipe supports, PLRs, Manifolds) and installation aids/tooling.
4CS combines and manages the expertise of the following companies:
  • DesignBanken (Stavanger, Norway) – design and project management
  • Randaberg Industries (Stavanger, Norway) – fabrication (deep water quay facility)
  • Malm Orstad (Stavanger, Norway) – machining, hydraulic components and systems
  • Isotek Oil & Gas (Leeds, UK) – subsea control systems and electrical components, hyperbaric welding equipment. 

4CS is an independent limited company and is the contracting partner when the expertise of two or more of the above companies is required to fulfil a scope of work in an EPC project.
4CS draws from the expert personnel available from these partner companies which allows for project-duration manning of a total of approximately 200 employees.
4CS operates globally in the subsea market and our main driver is to obtain cost savings for our customers by applying a smart business model and smart technical solutions sufficient for the intended purpose.

For further information, please contact:

David Cooke
Managing Director
4C Solutions AS
Mobile: +47 477 11 150