Gullfaks Rimfaksdalen

New delivery for FMC Technologies

Malm Orstad as are going to deliver another levelling system for FMC Technologies.

The equipment is part of a delivery from FMC Technologies to a Statoil project. Because of the floor conditions where the structure is being installed, it will be placed on so-called mud mats.

The structure has a levelling system designed, calculated and produced by Malm Orstad in collaboration with FMC Technologies. Malm Orstad supplies 4 levelling cylinders with control system. 

Each cylinder can lift 150t. The control system is operated by a Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV), and the cylinders adjust the structure to be level, independent from the seabed structure. 

All the equipment is designed and calculated for long lifetime on seabed. A lot of the parts are made in noble stainless steel, and the cylinder rods are cladded with Inconel. This is also done to meet the demand for long lifetime on seabed.

The system from Malm Orstad will be delivered in April 2014.