Malm Orstad Challenge

Follow a challenge from A to Z

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At Malm Orstad we live of solving complex challenges for our clients. Right now we would like to demonstrate how we solve a challenge from A to Z. This time we will design and develop a tool in order to pull out several sealing elements from a flange coupling 200 meters below the sea level.


At this point, the operator´s ROV is heading down towards the seabed to record and shoot images of the issue. Video and still pictures will be utilized to develop a tool that fits the subsea application and pulls 3000 kilos.

We will work 24 hours a day from design/engineering to a completely manufactured and tested instrument.
The entire job is being performed in close collaboration with the client, and our deadline for delivery is before New Year.

malm orstad challenge step2
The images and the video from 200 meters below the sea level are now dispatched from the offshore vessel to the client and further on to Malm Orstad. Unfortunately, we are not permitted to show direct poses of the flange and sealing element due to confidentiality to the customer.

Our engineers will now use the images and designs from the application in order to develop and design what will turn into a dismantling tool for operation from the ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle). This work goes around the clock.

Engenier working on his computer with drawings of the tool
Now we have opened the door slightly into the holy of holies of our engineers, where the development is fully underway. Design and calculation is carried out systematically part after part.

Detailed images are not permitted at this stage, as they are removed for the occasion, and we see only a few rough sketches on the screen.

The fully developed tool must be ready for Tuesday morning, when the machines will be put into production.


Our skilled and experienced mechanical operators are currently working full time with the production of all components of the ROV tool. The video shows one of the parts in the process of being machined.

Accuracy is required. Hundredths and micrometers are essential to make all parts fit together and work under great pressure in the depths of the sea.

We always put safety first. We have performed all necessary safety measures and restricted the area in order to film with an open door in the machine.

STEP 5 Step 5 -  Assembly
The ROV tool is now ready for assembly.


The testing of the ROV tool is progressing well. It looks very promising; so far the tool operates as required.

The video first shows a test using a plastic dummy seal and then a test using a load cell to verify the pulling power. A final test will be performed after the weekend before the tool is packed and sent offshore.


Currently, the ROV tool has undergone several tests, both dry and in water tank, with considerable success. It fulfills all requirements specified for the design, and everything has been arranged in order to make the subsea operation succeed.
The tool, with spare parts, is now packed and properly protected inside an aluminum box, ready for shipment offshore.
Hereby yet another challenge has been solved, and Malm Orstad is prepared for new challenges after a short Christmas break.