New skid equipment

Effective cooperation with Island Offshore

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An operation which earlier took 30 minutes can now be performed in less than half the time with Malm Orstad’s newly developed skid equipment.

The new skid equipment, developed by Malm Orstad on assignment from Island Offshore, has the potential to provide an enormous gain in efficiency for Statoil’s North Sea operation. The new skid equipment will be installed on the Island Offshore’s intervention vessel used by Statoil in present operation.

– Our intervention vessel, ”Island Wellserver”, is part of the operation for Statoil in the North Sea and the skid equipment for use in the company’s well intervention work here, explains Kristell Nygård, Senior Engineer for operations in Island Offshore, an Ullstein based shipping company with a total of 1200 employees and own subsea department at Forus.
– We are responsible for operation and follow up of the Island Offshore intervention fleet and have around 60 employees, adds Topsite Project Manager for Island Offshore at Forus, Trond Eivind Larsen. The shipping company, established ten years ago, today employs a total of around 1200 people.

Malmen meets the two together with Sales Engineer Kjell Kleiveland in Malm Orstad. Here they among others discuss the status and review the further project progress. The new equipment should according to plan be completely installed onboard the vessel in the North Sea by the month of September.
– The engineering part is nearly complete, and we will shortly start planning for the production and test phase, informs Kleiveland who has followed the project from the inception. He was also one of those visiting the vessel to examine the existing skid equipment, and to receive input and advice from the crew as a first step in the product development process.
– It is always important to talk with those operating the equipment, Kleiveland simply maintains.

– If we had ordered the skid equipment from one of the large international suppliers, we would have received an already completed product. Take it or leave it! Now, we are developing the product ourselves. Besides, it means a lot to us that Malm Orstad exists in our neighbourhood. If a fault or need for repair should arise, there is a short distance from Forus to Voll, says Larsen.

– From our side, the project started with a request from Statoil with a desire for improved efficiency in the North Sea operation. Analyses had shown that a relative high amount of time was spent on skid work onboard the vessel. They challenged us to come with a solution for reduced time spent. We contacted those we knew could solve it, says Nygard with a smile across the meeting room at Malm Orstad.
The intervention vessel, Island Wellserver will according to plan make use of the newly developed skid equipment already in September. An operation which took 30 minutes will now be performed in less than half the time with the Malm Orstad’s newly developed skid equipment.

Island Offshore knew the Jæren Company from earlier jobs and had the awareness of the Jæren drive and spirit. And Statoil was already on overtime. It was urgent to see a successful project unfold.
– Time is always a crucial factor, and every project usually starts with a task that should have been solved yesterday, smiles Nygård.
– Malm Orstad turned around and grasped the challenge at once. That was also a significant point for us, she adds.

The potential efficiency gain Malm Orstad could present to Island Offshore after a while was much higher than both them and Statoil had dared to expect.
– How did you solve this issue?
– We first had do decide to go with small or large steps, and if the speed should be slow or fast. The answer was step-less movement, describes Larsen in Island Offshore and receives a confirming nod from Kleiveland.
– While the present equipment movement is step by step, and like two steps ahead and one step back, the new equipment will ensure continuous movement across the boat deck rails. This provides a different float, a higher speed and thereby a much more efficient transfer of equipment, he continues.

If the new equipment is as successful as Malm Orstad and Island Offshore hope and believe, there is a high probability that more Island Offshore intervention vessels will have the same type equipment eventually.
– Our experience with Malm Orstad is their emphasis on quality, also in the details. This is crucial because it is usually details that fail. That is why we are sitting here now, and why we have great belief in this project, Trond Eivind Larsen in Island Offshore sums up.