Tether Management System

Launching new TMS

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As a step in focusing on own products, Malm Orstad is now launching a new and upgraded Tether Management System (TMS).

– We have extended the development of our already simple and reliable Tether Management System with new technology, enabling possibilities of reaching greater depths, something we know is extremely important for the oil industry today, says Bjørnar Huru, Engineering Manager and Deputy Managing Director for Malm Orstad.

– The new TMS is a vital step for us.
– Can you elaborate?
– It means being competitive and that we can offer to the market a product fully in line with our competitors, - and even more.
The upgraded subsea product is in its final stage of engineering, and will soon be ready for full scale production.
– The upgrading of the TMS is part of a larger focus on own products, or rather, an important part of our new marketing strategy when it comes to promotion and sale of own products, Huru points out.  He emphasises that Malm Orstad for a long time has operated with own products, and to an extent also sold well, but that they have been too passive in regards to marketing efforts.

– We have to a great extent been driven by requests. We are now focusing on a more pro-active approach and will to a larger degree than before aim at out-reaching sales, not only with regards to the new TMS, but also for own products in general, Huru points out. He is concerned that they will put in as much effort in the international market as in the national market.
– Norway is a limited market. The world is larger, says Huru with a smile. He has worked for Malm Orstad for 14 years and is clearly proud of the progress made by the Company since the turn of the millennium.
– Malm Orstad is a company with breadth. We have gathered nearly all competence in house and are in most situations able to develop a product from the sketch stage and to the final product, Huru explains. He adds that most companies at Jæren master the art of machining, but few outside of Malm Orstad master the engineering part.

– There are reasons why we have doubled the revenue over the last four years. But it has also been costly, he admits. Much of the value lies in the engineering work, according to Huru.
– A full scale engineering department is much more than skilful engineers. It is of course a premise, but competitive engineering work depends on well developed systems. The largest investment Malm Orstad has undertaken will not be found among the installed machinery but in the engineering department, in the drawing archive. Here lye the largest values, he explains. Malm Orstad is several leaps ahead of most others when it comes to engineering, according to Huru.
– How come?
– We have owners daring to go all out and continuously build a company of knowledge, not a factory. This is to a large degree a matter of company culture. We have achieved something unique, and we will look after this in the best way possible moving forward.