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IKM Subsea Bryne is on an inspection at Malm Orstad. Two new TMS are in the final stage for delivery. They will become number eight and nine in the range of TMS ordered by IKM.

The products from Malm Orstad have been in operation both in the North Sea, Asia and Africa.
– We are very pleased with the products and not least the follow-up that Malm Orstad provides,
says Managing Director for IKM Subsea, Ben Pollard.


– The feedback is positive from our people offshore. The product is easy to handle and the response time, if something is needed, is short, according to Operations Manager Jan Vegard Hestnes. He emphasises the significance of Malm Orstad’s 24 hours a day on duty phone service.
– IKM Subsea has challenged us both on spare parts and implementation of 24 hours phone service.
This is now in place, smiles Leon Ravndal, Senior Sales Engineer at Malm Orstad.
– It is in cooperation with our customers we develop and become better. IKM Subsea is demanding and has clear objectives, he adds.


– We are neighbours and speak the same language. It is of course an advantage for us if we can easily follow both product development and final product testing, says Purchasing Manager in IKM Subsea,
Tor Gunnar Alvestad.
IKM Subsea has more than 100 employees and are located in Vardheia in Bryne. The Company delivers its own Merlin ROV systems to ships and rigs all over the globe, but has the major market in Norge. In 2012 they set up an office in Singapore, where they now have in excess of 50 local employees.
– We will not hide the perception of a downturn in the Norwegian market. This autumn has been considerably quieter than what we have been used to. Our efforts in Asia represent a greater significance in that perspective, says Pollard.


Earlier this autumn the Company won a contract with ENI Indonesia to the value of NOK 100 million.
The contract, lasting for two and a half years, involves ROV services onboard the drilling rig Scarabeo 7,
to operate in Indonesian waters.
– This is a new market for us, something of importance in itself. But we find it especially gratifying that modern high technology equipment developed and built in Norway is competitive in Southeast Asia, states Pollard.


IKM Subsea has in a short time grown to be a global ROV supplier, and the contract with ENI Indonesia is an important step with regards further growth in the drilling support market.
Hans Fjellanger, Business Development Manager for IKM Subsea, points to the Asian markets also raising other demands.
– They have the desire for example for TMS range down towards 1000 metres. We therefore hope that Malm Orstad in the future can develop TMS in line with this, he says.


Continuous product development is nearly a law of nature with the two companies from Jæren.
IKM Subsea is on their side about to launch a new and smaller Merlin ROV model.
– Our customers have other needs and want ROV products to be run from constantly smaller units.
Our new product is 20-30 percent smaller than the original, without this hampering its capacity,
says Fjellanger, and informs that the new product will have mounted the two new TMS from Malm Orstad.
IKM Subsea has people in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and Jakarta in Indonesia in addition to the offices in Norway and Singapore.


Malm Orstad has also delivered other products to its neighbour company, but TMS has so far been
the main product.
– We have also purchased TMS from others, but have the primary desire to buy them here, says Purchasing Manager Tor Gunnar Alvestad in IKM Subsea, well pleased with what he has seen of
the two new purchased products so far.
– IKM Subsea are good at feedback. When they voice a need for even longer range of the TMS,
this is of course something duly noted by us, underlines Leon Ravndal.