Riser Spider - for Marine Riser, 500mT w/ gimbal

The Riser Spider is designed with high emphasize to low building height, few parts, integrated gimbal function and safe operation. The system mainly consists of Rotary interface plate w/ gimbal and Top plate w/ hang off dogs. Hydraulic system is restricted to only be capable to lift the own weight of the hang off dogs. When in closed position the load of the riser avoids hang off dogs to open if unintended activation occurs. The gimbal function is designed to handle angle deviation of +/- 5 degrees. This Riser Spider is designed for use with Riser Type MR-6E.
• Reduced rigging time
• Simultaneous up/down movement of dogs
• Integrated gimbal solution
• Integrated covers on hang off dogs to avoid falling objects through hole when riser is hung off.
• HSE friendly as the operator is in safe distance from riser spider when operating by the hydraulic remote control panel.
• Less parts, less maintenance
• Easy to maintain and operate
• Load rating: 500mT
• Max tilting angle: +/-5 deg, no shock absorption
• Max operating pressure: 3000PSI / 207 bar
• Dimension: 2700x2500x620 (lxbxh) – Closed position
• Design Code: API 16F, Specification for Marine Drilling Riser Equipment
• Riser type: Designed for MR-6E riser
• Hydraulic fluid: Stack Magic ECO-F v2 (other fluids applicable)
• Design temperature: -200C to 500C • Certification:

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